• Testimonials

    Chasity has helped me start one of the biggest journeys of my life. She’s kind, funny and honest and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Honestly, I’m grateful to have found her. -Cary Muck

    Ms. Chandler is well-versed in psych and lgbt issues, endlessly understanding and personable. She always has a new door to open for you, and does her best to improve any situation. Over the years I’ve had many different counselors in the area, and i highly recommend Chasity.- Daniel Raco

    Chasity is open and honest in her approach. She is non judgmental and offers the most supportive space to share.- C. Simone Rivers

    Fantastic counselor! Definitely helping me through everything. She’s an attentive listener and problem solver ^.^ I would recommend her 100%- Alexi Holmes

    She knows how to care for women and feel empowered!- Anna Valencia Tillery

    Chasity Chandler is an amazing sex therapist. She is warm, compassionate, and there for her clients.- Dr. Tanisha Sapp

    The moment I walked into the office I knew I was in the right place. Each visit Is better than the last! I highly recommend Ms. Chandler. If you are looking for someone who is brutally honest, that makes you look within yourself to become a better you, this is the place for you.- Denetra Williams

    Having Chasity practice in St. Lucie & Stuart is a gift. She truly cares about her clients and does everything to make sure you are comfortable. She is accommodating and flexible when it comes to scheduling and always reminds you to keep you and your mental health priority. If you are in a search of a women who truly cares, goes above and beyond, and has your health a priority- search no more. I highly recommend Center for Sexual Health & Wellness!-Monique Waters

    As you walk in the office it feels warm, safe and inviting. Chasity Chandler is an excellent, knowledgeable and caring mental health professional who shows sincere concern for her patients. I would strongly recommend her services to everyone.- Christina Monia