• Training / Workshop

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    Below are some of the topics for the breakout presentations and panel discussions!

    • Sex and Faith
    • Female Sexuality and Pleasure
    • Couples and Porn
    • Perinatal Loss & It’s Complex Relationship with Sexuality
    • LGBTQ+ Inclusivity
    • Ancestral and Cultural Shame &Trauma Resolution through Sexuality & Emotional Empowerment
    • Why emotional intelligence (EQ) is necessary for Sexual Health and Wellness
    • Sexual Health and Recovery
    • Historical Social Perspective of Black Women’s Sexuality
    • Infidelity
    • Succulent Self-Care
    • Traumatized Mindset Trifles with Your Money
    • Kissing can be a blessing or a curse
    • Understanding the complexity of and intersection of Sex, Gender, and Race
    • From Therapist to Educator: Bridging the Gap
    • Reasons Why Women Avoid Sex
    • Sexual Health & Comprehensive HIV Prevention
    • Sex & Culture

    If you have any specific questions about any of these topics that you want addressed during the live event please email.